Westate Diesel Systems Product Catalogue

Westate Diesel Systems supply and install a range of models with a variety different configurations of centrifuge, so we carry the right centrifuge for your application. We have fitted centrifuges to everything including the smallest stationary engines to four-wheel drive vehicles and the largest mining equipment both in mobile and fixed plant applications.

Spinner II® Models & Products

Official Spinner II® Centrifuge Distributor for Western Australia.

The Spinner II® oil-cleaning centrifuge is a high-efficiency bypass filtration unit for diesel and CNG engines. It's used in addition to your full-flow oil filter to keep oil cleaner, make oil and filters last longer, and protect engines better.

turbo® Models & Products

Official turbo II® Precleaner Distributor for Western Australia.

turbo® II performs its job in the toughest environments day in and day out. The unique design is all about preventing micro-abrasive dust from entering the machine's engine creating cleaner air to prolong the engine life. turbo® II is the industry standard precleaner by which all precleaners are judged.

Supported Brands & Products

More than 75 years of experience in the area of filtration – in the course of its history MANN+HUMMEL started as a small factory producing filters and grew to become a company group with global operations. Today we are proud to be a leading global filtration specialist.
Oil & Fluid Filtration: Spinner II® oil cleaning centrifuges for bypass filtration of lube, hydraulic, and gear oil, plus other machining and industrial applications
The core of what Maradyne Corporation is about. The focus of our identity is on the manufacturing and organization of products while keeping an eye on our environmental footprint.
turbo® Precleaner manufactured by Maradyne Corporation is the original, patented precleaner that has been relied on for years to protect heavy-equipment machinery engines and maintain the value of owners investments.
For more than a century, Federal-Mogul has developed the innovative products our customers need to produce the next generation of vehicles.
With over 20 years of knowledge and experience in the water industry, Glacier Filtration has built a strong client base through delivering intelligent solutions and ongoing technical support for our clients throughout Australia & New Zealand.