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We pride ourselves on supplying products of the highest quality for maximum uptime and longevity to exceed today’s standards in Transport, Mining, Marine, Industrial, Power Generation and Agricultural Industries, anywhere there are large diesel engines or volumes of oil, diesel and Biodiesel, used or stored.

With over 27 years of selling and installing Spinner II® centrifuges there is no other company you can trust when it comes to centrifugal know-how.

Spinner II® Centrifuge Products

Westate Diesel Systems is a Perth based, Western Australian, family owned and run company. We specialise in the Spinner II® fluid cleaning centrifuges and the Turbo II® Precleaner. Continue

Spinner II® Model 25

Model 25 Engine-mounted or side mounted which operates on oil pressure only. Supporting up to 250cc of contaminants and Up to 0.8 GPM or 3 litres per minute. Disposable rotor - no bowl cleaning with and without LCB.

Spinner II® Model 560HE

Model 560HE Engine-mounted or side mounted which operates on oil pressure only. Supporting up to 500cc of contaminants and up to 2 GPM or 7.6 litres per minute. Disposable rotor - no bowl cleaning.

Spinner II® Model 936

Model 936 Engine-mounted or side mounted which operates on oil pressure only. Supporting up to 250cc of contaminants and Up to 1 GPM or 3.8 litres per minute. Re-usable rotor with paper insert for easy bowl cleaning.

Spinner II® Models & Products

The Spinner II® oil-cleaning centrifuge is a high-efficiency bypass filtration unit for diesel and CNG engines. It's used in addition to your full-flow oil filter to keep oil cleaner, make oil and filters last longer, and protect engines better.

turbo® II Precleaner

Durable metal construction with high-efficiency and low-restriction across the range. For installation on loaders, graders, crushers, haulers, mixers, and mining machines.

turbo® III Precleaner

Made up of high strength glass-reinforced polymer, the turbo® III Precleaner carries the same high efficiency, low restriction reputation of the turbo II only lighter and easier to install.

turbo® III Flex-N-Line™

As smooth and efficient as turbo® III, the Flex-N-Line™ offers  the advantage to install a rotary ejective precleaner with the performance to operate efficiently under the hood.


A rugged, heavy-duty pre-cleaner for a wide variety of applications where directional flow is desired. This pre-cleaner covers the broadest flow range with excellent efficiency.

turbo® Models & Products

turbo® Precleaner manufactured by Maradyne Corporation is the original, patented precleaner that has been relied on for years to protect heavy-equipment machinery engines and maintain the value of owners investments.

Hard working equipment deserves hard working filters only Spinner II® centrifuges can extreme-clean your lubricants.

Westate Diesel Systems brings you proven technologies to reduce your operating costs and maximise the productive life of your machinery.

Our products are used primarily for maintaining, optimising and extending the life of engines, oils, diesel fuel, machine componentry, crusher drives, gearboxes, oil and gas pipelines, power generation and bulk fuel and oil installations.

Official WA Distributor of Spinner II® Fluid Cleaning Centrifuges

WDS Product Catalogue

Westate Diesel Systems is also committed to the supply and support of other centrifugal products including and not limited to Turbo II® Precleaners, Federal Mogul®, Glacier Filter Products®, Mann and Hummel® and many more.